The Rising Team


Steve Achorn

VP, Construction Management

Matthew Ahrens

EVP, Acquisitions & Capital Markets

Mariya Alexander

Executive Coordinator

Mayra Andrade

Tenant Services Coordinator

Kristina Moore

General Manager

Leticia Cantuna

Assistant General Manager

Eliza Dixon

General Manager

Yvette Elizondo

Assistant Property Manager

Stella Fanggara

Senior Property Accountant

Marc Gittleman

Senior Executive Advisor, Real Estate Technology

John Golden

Senior Associate, Acquisitions

Kayce Hawk

SVP, Property Services

Jeff Herrera

Senior General Manager

Scott Ho

Senior Director, Critical Facilities

Catherine Hutchings

Assistant Property Manager

Ellisa Irvin

Senior General Manager

Dan Klein

Senior Associate, Asset Management and Development

Andrea Laurentis

General Manager

Adam Lev

VP, Asset Management and Development

Chloe Li

Senior Accountant

Mimi Liu

EVP, Finance & Accounting

Rose Manalac

Senior Property Accountant

Scott McMullin

Principal & CIO

Laverne Meighan-Cooper

Construction Coordinator

Jason Miller

General Manager

Michel Pauli

Construction Manager

Amanda Raisin

General Manager

Christopher C. Rising

Founder & President

Nelson C. Rising

Chairman & CEO

Jonathan Quan

Assistant General Manager

Tyson Strutzenberg

COO & EVP, Asset Management and Development

Jocelyn Swayne

Corporate Accountant

April Tomi

Office Manager

Tom Vieira

Property Administrator

Kenny Yoon

SVP, Portfolio Controller

Julia Zhu

VP, Accounting and Reporting


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