Chad Krebs

Analyst, Asset Management
Los Angeles, CA

Current Role

As an Analyst on Rising’s Asset Management Team, Chad upholds the efficiency, productivity, and accuracy in the management of our owned and third-party assets.

Chad’s role as a member of the asset management team at Rising Realty Partners encompasses a range of critical functions. Specifically, he is responsible for conducting detailed financial analyses of properties, researching market trends and dynamics, fulfilling ad-hoc requests, drafting memos, and producing property reports. Through his meticulous attention to detail and deep understanding of financial analysis, Chad plays an integral role in helping the asset management team optimize the performance of Rising’s portfolio of assets.

About Chad Krebs 

During his free time, Chad engages in various activities after his work commitments. He enjoys spending time with family, is an ardent golf enthusiast, and a keen follower of the NBA – watching games whenever possible. Another hobby that Chad indulges in is building and flying scale RC airplanes.

Experience & Expertise

With over four years of combined experience in both real estate and finance, Chad brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role on the asset management team at Rising. Prior to joining the team, he served as an Investment & Capital Markets Analyst for Becknell Industrial and a Financial Analyst at Hendricks Commercial Properties, LLC. Chad earned a Master’s degree in Finance with a concentration in Real Estate from The Ohio State University, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Western Kentucky University.