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    Rising’s commercial property management service is dedicated and tailored to you

    As a boutique property management and real estate investment firm, Rising’s priority is prompt, personalized service. Our dedicated team specializes in a wide range of property management services—from budget management and accounting to technology and sustainability consulting. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach and treat each property as the unique asset it is. Our experts will work with you to determine your needs and identify the best strategies for managing and improving the value of your commercial property—be it office, retail, industrial or multi-family. We pride ourselves on our thorough communication, efficient processes, and dedication to client satisfaction. 

    Since our launch in 2012, commercial property owners in Orange County have chosen Rising Realty Partners because of our customized approach and the level of personalized attention we offer that cannot be rivaled by the large, national property management companies. The agile and experienced team at Rising proactively addresses challenges before they become a problem, and is able to communicate with ownership quickly and efficiently to resolve issues and make decisions. Our dedication and attention to detail has earned us a consistent engagement rate of 83% and a retention rate of 95%. 

    To learn more about our services and how you can start maximizing your commercial property’s value, reach out to us today.


      Rising's Commercial Property Management OC will deliver for you an efficient service that will transform and add value to your asset.

      Rising Realty Partners understands that your commercial property is first and foremost an investment. Our goal is to help you maximize your investment while balancing the needs and priorities of your tenants, investors and partners. With more than 100 years of combined experience in the industry, our seasoned team knows how to reduce operating costs for your property while improving the value through strategic technology solutions and tenant retention strategies.

      We have served a wide range of clients across the Orange County and Southern California area, including property owners and investors in the office, retail, residential, entertainment, medical, and industrial industries. Our investment philosophy is to enhance financial returns through sustainable investment practices and through leveraging technology to increase efficiency and improve tenant satisfaction.

      The tenant-landlord relationship is at the heart of driving value for commercial properties. Strong communication, operational excellence, attention to detail, and quality programming all enhance the tenant experience and create an environment in which your property can generate interest and value. From financial management to asset enhancement to concierge services and programming, Rising Realty Partners is able to create a streamlined and cohesive experience for tenants and property owners for a single asset or across an entire portfolio.


        Rising serves medium to large scale property portfolios for property management

        Whether you are looking for sustainable strategies to improve your commercial property’s operating income, increase tenant satisfaction, decrease your environmental footprint, or implement more efficient management processes, our experienced team is here to support. Although we have provided property management services for clients from a variety of industries across Orange County and Southern California, we specialize in medium and large scale retail, office and industrial property portfolios.

        Our commercial property management services include:

        • Tenant Coordination and Relations
        • Budget Management
        • Accounting
        • Project Management
        • Asset Enhancement
        • Technology Consulting
        • Concierge & Programming
        • Energy & Sustainability Consulting

        We handle the day to day operations of your commercial property while also factoring in your long-term investment goals. Whether you have recently acquired your commercial property, are seeking to invest, or want to upgrade your current property management experience, the Rising team can help you maximize profitability and overall tenant satisfaction while decreasing operating costs.
        To view our portfolio and learn more about our commercial project management and real estate investment services, click here, or reach out to a member of our team today.

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          Why Rising for property management in Orange County?

          Rising Realty Partners is an industry-leading property management and real estate investment firm serving Southern California. Our customized services and focus on communication and tenant satisfaction has made us one of the highest rated property management companies in the Orange County area. In addition to our concierge-level customer service, our commitment to sustainability, long-term business partnerships, and community involvement sets us apart from competitors.

          Rising believes that minimizing our environmental footprint not only increases efficiency and reduces operational costs, but that it is also our duty as global citizens. We have an intimate knowledge of complex and historic assets, allowing us to be compliant with changing codes and meet requirements for sustainability. We have found that our commitment to sustainable business practices also improves tenant satisfaction and retention.

          Our local strategic partnerships allow us to execute business plans at unique properties. We are proud to have established long-term business relationships with local jurisdictions, brokers, prominent construction firms, historic preservation specialists, vendors, architects, and tenants in the market.

          Community Focus
          Rising Realty Partners loves to give back. From hosting local charity drives and food tastings to engaging with our community on social media to running blood drives and fitness events, we are actively involved in our local Southern California community. We believe that our properties thrive when our community thrives.

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            Rising delivers value add management services across Orange County and beyond

            With Rising Realty Partners, you can have peace of mind knowing that your commercial property is being managed by a local firm that has your best interest at heart and is prioritizing your long term investment goals. We understand the Orange County real estate market inside and out, and for more than 10 years we have proven that our technology- and sustainability-driven strategies are successful in improving both tenant satisfaction and property value.

            Whether you’re seeking property management services for a single office, retail, or industrial asset, or an entire portfolio, the Rising team can help you identify the strategies needed to grow your investment while attracting and retaining tenants.

            Get in touch with us today to start maximizing your property’s value. Please send property management RFPs directly to [email protected].