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    Rising’s commercial property management service is dedicated and tailored to you

    Rising Realty Partners provides integrated real estate investment and property management services in Sacramento and across the state of California. Our consultants have hundreds of years of combined experience and specialize in sustainability consulting, construction management, asset acquisition, and tenant relations.

    Founded in 2012, Rising Realty Partners has established itself as a leader in the Sacramento real estate industry. Our investment and operating goal is to help property owners reduce operating costs, increase efficiency, and improve tenant satisfaction.

    Our boutique firm is experienced yet agile, allowing us to provide customized solutions for our clients and proactively address issues using our extensive knowledge of the industry and our relationships with key partners.

    To learn more about our Sacramento property management and commercial real estate investment services, reach out to us today. A member of our team would be happy to share more about how we can help maximize your property’s value—whether you require services for a single asset or across an entire portfolio.


      Rising´s Commercial Property Management Sacramento will deliver for you an efficient service that will transform and add value to your asset.

      Because Rising Realty Partners offers comprehensive real estate investment and management services, we are able to provide our clients consistency, continuity and efficiency through the life cycle of their properties. We approach each asset with a long-term strategy in mind, and apply both tested and innovative development solutions that deliver value across market cycles.

      We have a strong track record of taking commercial real estate projects in the Sacramento area from conceptual frameworks to fully-entitled, shovel-ready developments. Our entrepreneurial-minded team takes a hands-on approach, guiding clients through data-driven solutions and proven practices that create sustainable growth. By leveraging our industry experience and connections, we are able to find creative ways to maintain and increase value, from structuring deals to designing the tenant experience.

      Relationships are the cornerstone of our investment and management approach. We know that brand reputation and tenant retention are two drivers of growth, and we specialize in customized solutions to improve tenant communication, programming, and operations. Our experienced consultants analyze the unique assets and challenges of a commercial property in order to develop customized, sustainable solutions for improving value while reducing operating costs.

      In addition, we believe timely, thorough communication is the key to proactively addressing issues and building trust between tenants, ownership, and management. Our approach is respectful and collaborative; engaging clients at the level of their preference and taking initiative when appropriate to formulate quick solutions.

      Contact us Rising Realty Partners to learn more about our investment and management philosophy.


        Rising helps with medium- to large- scale property portfolios for property management

        With more than $1.5 billion and 5 million square feet of assets under management, Rising Realty Partners has the resources and expertise to manage large and complex development projects.

        Our vertically-integrated team is capable of transforming commercial real estate projects into highly profitable and desirable assets by reducing operating costs, increasing tenant satisfaction, and incorporating efficient management practices.

        We have worked with commercial property owners in the Sacramento area for more than a decade, specializing in medium and large scale industrial, office, retail, and data property portfolios. Our expertise includes:

        • Tenant Coordination and Relations
        • Budget Management
        • Accounting
        • Project Management
        • Asset Enhancement
        • Technology Consulting
        • Concierge & Programming
        • Energy & Sustainability Consulting

        Whether you are looking to expand your portfolio, want to improve the value of a current asset, or need a team to oversee the day-to-day operations of your commercial property, Rising Realty Partners can develop a custom solution that keeps both your short-term and long-term priorities in mind.

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          Why Rising for property management in Sacramento?

          Rising Realty Partners is a proven industry leader, having delivered consistent results across every recession since the 1970s. Our commitment to sustainable investment practices, long-term business partnerships, and community involvement allows us to protect and increase value for our clients, even through challenging economic times.

          Our commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint is not a marketing ploy nor an empty gesture. We firmly believe it is our responsibility as global citizens to consider the impact of our practices—from construction through development and asset management—on the earth and on our community.

          The success of our firm is built on strong, long-term relationships with investors, partners, tenants, and vendors. By consistently investing in these relationships over time, we are able to better anticipate and meet the needs of stakeholders. Our networks also give us advanced insight into off-market investments and value-add opportunities that benefit our clients looking to expand their portfolios.

          Community Focus
          We recognize the importance of place when it comes to making sustainable investments. We strive to give back to our local Sacramento community, from hosting events to raising funds for charity to limiting our impact on the environment. We believe that when our community thrives, our projects also thrive.

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            Rising delivers value add management services across Sacramento and beyond

            Rising Realty has a proven track record of delivering sophisticated asset management and investment strategies across fluctuating market conditions. Our expertise lies not just in creating value for our clients, but in how we create that value. By prioritizing client and tenant relationships, incorporating sustainable investment strategies, and embracing tech-forward solutions, we help commercial property owners in the Sacramento area meet their investment goals with pride and integrity.

            We understand the Sacramento real estate market inside and out, and our investment approach is backed by data-driven results and positive reviews from our tenants, clients and partners. Whether you’re seeking investment consulting, property management, or development services, the Rising Realty team can help you meet your goals.

            Reach out today to learn more. Please send property management RFPs directly to [email protected].