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Sep 06, 2019
The Seven Major Types of Investable Real Estate
Evolving to meet the needs and wants of man, these separate property types have emerged largely through market forces, although in the modern era often government rules and zoning affects the actual location and scale of property development.
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May 20, 2019
What is WiredScore and Why We’re Adamant About It
In a world where dependable internet connectivity is a necessity for modern businesses, landlords and building owners who prioritize technological infrastructure hold a competitive advantage over those who do not. WiredScore, the only commercial real estate rating system that certifies buildings based on their internet connectivity, provides crucial information for both landlords and tenants.
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Feb 03, 2019
Triple Net Lease vs. Gross Lease in Commercial Real Estate
For both landlords and tenants, the process of drafting, negotiating and then signing a commercial lease can seem daunting. Leases for commercial properties are much more complicated than residential leases, which tend to use standardized language.

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