Introducing The Rising Investor Platform

The real estate investing landscape has been evolving over the last several years. The barriers to entry have been lowered and investors interested in diversifying their portfolio into real estate are now able to participate at varying levels.

Today, we are excited to announce the Rising Investor Platform. For the first time, we’re providing accredited investors with exclusive real estate investment opportunities on a deal-by-deal-basis across various asset classes such as value-add & core office, industrial, hospitality, multi-family and data.

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The Platform offers investors the opportunity to participate as principals in individual deals that fit their investment profiles versus investing in a fund where the investor invests one lump sum of capital, relinquishes full discretion to the fund manager and participates only as an LP.

The Platform’s strategy of creating value using impact as alpha will help create positive sustainable changes in the communities we invest in. Rising's proven track record of impact investing has significantly enhanced investor value by improving the assets' environmental, technological and health & wellness performance.

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