Aug 25, 2023

Leveraging Technology as a Force Multiplier

In the modern landscape of commercial real estate, technology isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity. To stay ahead of market dynamics and streamline operations, Rising Realty Partners incorporates cutting-edge tools and platforms into its daily operations. This technological commitment not only positions us at the industry's forefront of innovation, but also allows us to serve our stakeholders, clients, and investors with unparalleled efficiency.

Streamlined Leasing: VTS

At the heart of our asset management operations is VTS, a leading leasing and marketing software. With VTS, our speed to market for available spaces is optimized, allowing us to remain agile in ever-changing commercial real estate markets. It’s not solely about speed; it’s about smart operations. By integrating VTS, we’ve diminished excessive email traffic, ensured consistent deal analysis, and heightened transparency levels for our leaders and investors.

Data-Driven Decisions: Yardi & VTS

Integrating Yardi, our accounting software, with VTS ensures our leasing availabilities are updated nightly, offering real-time insights and data. This fusion brings two major advantages: streamlining operations by eliminating data redundancy and enhancing our decision-making. These decisions primarily impact our leasing, accounting, and asset management teams, empowering them with the data needed for more informed strategies around property availability, pricing, and forecasting. By doing so, we enhance the productivity of our teams, resulting in increased efficiency and consistency in the decision-making processes for current and potential tenants, clients, and stakeholders.

Operational Excellence: Asana

Our pursuit of technological excellence doesn’t stop at asset management. Company-wide, we’ve implemented Asana as our primary project management platform, offering organized, efficient workflows across departments. By keeping departments interconnected and their goals aligned, Asana acts as a force multiplier. Every task, no matter how small, is seen in the context of our bigger picture. It offers clarity in direction, ensuring everyone understands their role in achieving company-wide objectives.

Strengthening Investor Relations: Juniper Square

Juniper Square has become an essential aspect of our investor relations strategy. It ensures that our interactions with investors aren’t transactional but meaningful and transparent. In addition to automating processes, it elevates the quality of our engagements. By integrating our investor data, we avoid the risks of manual errors, time-consuming audits, and miscommunication. Juniper Square acts as a centralized hub for our investors. They can complete documents, commit to deals, view opportunities, and monitor their investment portfolio with us all in one place. This comprehensive functionality separates Juniper Square from its counterparts, offering unparalleled convenience and clarity. The true value of this platform lies in how it has enabled us to streamline our operations and foster greater trust and relationships with our investors.

Enhanced Communications: Google Business Suite & GPT-4

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful enterprise. Embracing Google Business Suite company-wide ensures cohesive, real-time collaboration between our teams. Furthermore, leveraging AI tools like GPT-4 and Google’s new Duet AI enables us to more efficiently streamline both external and internal communications. Duet AI in Workspace enhances how we write, visualize, organize, and connect. Whether we’re drafting an email in Gmail, analyzing data in Sheets, or generating custom presentations in Slides, the embedded generative AI elevates the effectiveness and quality of our communications.

Elevating Brand Engagement:

In today’s digital-first era, our marketing team uses, a strategic platform to schedule, manage, and analyze our online content. By scheduling posts ahead of time and managing our media assets, we aren’t just broadcasting; we’re engaging. allows our marketing team to curate a consistent and captivating brand across all platforms. It ensures that our content isn’t sporadic but systematically aligned with our brand vision. This doesn’t only make our team’s job easier; it makes our brand stand out more in the market, ensuring stakeholders and clients recognize, relate to, and trust our voice.

Optimized Time Management: Clockwise

As a team, we’re always looking ahead. Contributing to our continuous improvement of efficiency, we’re excited to onboard Clockwise, an AI-driven calendar optimization tool. It’s not just a scheduling tool. Clockwise redefines the concept of ‘productive time’. By optimizing travel times between meetings, ensuring optimal meeting durations, and even automatically rescheduling appointments to fit everyone’s best time slots, it ensures every minute counts. We don’t just manage time; we harness it, allowing our team to focus on what truly matters while minimizing operational friction.

At Rising Realty Partners, technology is more than just tools and software; it’s a force multiplier that amplifies our capabilities, streamlines operations across all verticals, and offers unparalleled value to our stakeholders. As the commercial real estate landscape continues to evolve, our readiness to integrate technological advancements positions us to not only navigate but lead the way.

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