We are a full-service real estate operator and investor.


Rising Realty Partners specializes in creating and adding value to world-class commercial and industrial properties. Rising executives have been creating value for investors in California commercial real estate markets for over four decades by striking the perfect balance between dynamic vision and trusted best practices.


Asset Management

Rising’s diverse portfolio strategy combined with our ability to upgrade and maintain properties allows us to extract value beyond our investor’s expectations. We strive to engender a culture of holistic accountability by deploying comprehensive strategies to fully integrate our investment goals with our commitment to sustainability.


Property Management

Our ability to manage traditional and new financial models, technologies, and operational processes ensures that our tenants enjoy an environment that spurs creativity and productivity. We approach property management as a customer service business - the tenant is our #1 customer. 

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Construction Management

Rising's strategy is to find undervalued or near market value assets and transform them into best-in-class properties. Rising has also mastered the demands of a highly creative and demanding business community that seeks modern spaces, while reducing costs, minimizing risk and inspiring innovation. 

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Rising has a unique approach to the acquisitions process and what we look for in a Rising property. The company's long-term strategy is to build a diverse portfolio of top tier properties and investments that attract interest from leading industries, from technology, entertainment and healthcare to financial services, professional services and more.


5x5 Telecom

Rising has a pivotal alliance with 5x5 Telecom. Together, they leverage state-of-the-art data and voice technologies, adding value and amenities to our managed assets, while creating additional revenue opportunities for building owners and property management.

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Leasing Management

Rising develops unique, powerful workspaces that meet the needs of the new generation of office tenants. With an eye toward traditional clients with an established track record, as well as cutting edge innovators of the Millennial generation, we are helping to shape how businesses work and live in the 21st century.


Investment Analysis

Rising is positioned as the go-to company for California’s commercial and industrial development. Rising is both opportunistic and prudent in its investments, utilizing proven wealth creation strategies and successful asset value enhancements for its investors.



Rising prides itself on being able to offer both operational and development services. Our dedicated, entrepreneurial-minded team believes in a hands-on approach, applying innovative development solutions and delivering solid returns, drawing from a wealth of experience rooted the history of Californian urbanism.