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With over 35M square feet of property management experience across a number of different asset types, the Rising team has the expertise to identify and unlock value. We approach property management as a customer service business - the tenant is our #1 customer. Our partners have ranged from high networth individuals to large institutional real estate firms.

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Why Rising?

+ Property Owners Perspective

Rising understands the importance of maximizing the value of a property. We possess the local long-term strategic relationships required to execute business plans at unique properties, including local jurisdictions, brokers, prominent construction firms, historic preservation specialists, vendors, architects, and tenants in the market.

+ Community Driven

Whether we're engaging with the community via social media, hosting local charity drives, food-tastings, fitness-awareness events or blood drives, we believe that our properties thrive when the community thrives.

+ Concierge-level of Service

Property management is truly a customer service business - the tenant being the number one customer. Rising takes a proactive approach to our tenant relation efforts to ensure higher renewal and expansion rates.

+ Experience in a Variety of Asset Types

With over 35M SF of experience, the Rising team has experience in managing all asset types including commercial, industrial, medical, retail, residential/multi-family, leisure, data center, and food & beverage.

+ Boutique Firm

Rising solves issues, makes decisions, and communicates with ownership quickly, efficiently, and accurately. The Rising team is made up of seasoned and adaptable professionals with both institutional and non-traditional backgrounds managing real estate assets ranging from office, retail, residential, entertainment, medical, industrial, and data.

+ Sustainability Experts

We believe that having a positive environmental impact on the environment not only gives us the opportunity to create value, maximize returns on your investment, increase efficiency, costs savings and tenant satisfaction, but as our obligation as global citizens. The Rising team has intimate knowledge of a complex, historic assets, compliant with changing codes and requirements for sustainability.


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