Development Services

Development Services

Rising has a diverse development track record of bringing projects from a rough conceptual framework to a fully-entitled, shovel-ready development, to finalized certificates of occupancy.

Transforming Our Communities

We actively manage a team of architects, consultants, and contractors to suit the specific needs of each project and reach milestones throughout the development process. By utilizing existing relationships throughout California, Rising facilitates and expedites the development process.

Our comprehensive list of services includes investment analysis, entitlement scope, construction management, construction accounting, marketing support, property management, and accounting. We handle the preparation and presentation at all meetings with the local and regional jurisdictions and community stakeholders, including informal preparation and introductory meetings.

We are committed to leading the creative process by actively listening to interested parties, assessing benefits and costs, and adapting quickly toward successful compromises that will ultimately result in a successful project for the end-users, community, and the investors.





  1. Investment Analysis
  2. Entitlement Scope
  3. Construction Management
  4. Construction Accounting
  5. Marketing Support
  6. Property Management & Accounting

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