USGBC-LA Launches ‘HEALTHY BUILDING ALLIANCE’ Just as COVID-19 Highlights the Importance of Healthy Buildings

LOS ANGELES (May 27, 2020) The U.S. Green Building Council-Los Angeles Chapter (USGBC-LA) today officially launches the Healthy Building Alliance (HBA). The Alliance is a commitment – not a certification – that all building owners, office tenants, multi-family and affordable housing managers, and individuals can make to provide healthy, resilient space to live, work, and play. People typically spend 90% of their time in enclosed spaces (homes, offices, schools, etc.); even more over the last few months. While not anticipating the current COVID-19 situation when the Alliance planning began in early 2019, the timing could not be more appropriate.

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The Healthy Building Alliance launch coincides with the increased interest in and awareness of the necessity to create healthy spaces, as people begin to consider when and how to return to work confidently, or even work and live better and more safely from home. To do this, a localized and equitable framework that provides better data and engagement from everyone involved is needed.

The Healthy Building Alliance commitment entails five simple principles around building and occupant health - Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Green Cleaning, Access to Nature, Inspiring Movement, and Water Testing - and helps those who make the commitment collect invaluable data about themselves and their environment through Tenant Surveys, Indoor Air Quality Sensors, and Water Testing. That data will be paired with resources provided by USGBC-LA and its partners – to help make the Healthy Building Alliance accessible and replicable for all in the LA region and beyond.

“People want to provide healthy spaces for themselves and their peers, but it has long been too complicated and, for many, too daunting to start on that journey,” states Ben Stapleton, USGBC-LA, “Our goal is to instill ownership, generate valuable data, and provide resources to support the journey for all Angelenos to benefit from access to healthy environments. The crisis we are experiencing around COVID-19 underscores the importance of the spaces we occupy and equity as part of the conversation.”

"Since founding Rising Realty Partners, we have made health, wellness, and sustainability top priorities for our company. We firmly stand by this commitment and are proud to be a part of the USGBC Healthy Building Alliance." Chris Rising, Co-Founder & CEO, Rising Realty Partners.