The Real Market Podcast

015 - Brendan Wallace

Ep. 15 Brendan Wallace

Brendan Wallace is a Co-founder and…

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014 - Chris Kelly

Ep. 14 Chris Kelly

Chris is the co-founder, president, and…

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013 - Andre Bueno

Ep. 13 Andre Bueno

With over 10 years of real…

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012 - Gadi Kaufmann

Ep. 12 Gadi Kaufmann

Gadi Kaufmann is Managing Director and…

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011 - Matthew Lopez

Ep. 11 Matthew Lopez

Matthew Lopez oversees all management activities…

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010 - Sean Burton

Ep. 10 Sean Burton

Sean Burton has over 15 years…

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009 - Darla Longo

Ep. 9 Darla Longo

Darla Longo, a top producing and…

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008 - Sonny Kalsi

Ep. 8 Sonny Kalsi

Sonny Kalsi is a Founder and…

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007 - Connect LA 2018

Ep. 7 Connect LA 2018

This episode features the Buy, Build,…

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006 - Nick Romito

Ep. 6 Nick Romito

Nick Romito is the co-founder and…

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005 - Eli Mills

Ep. 5 Eli Mills

Eli Mills has over 20 years…

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004 - Andrew McDonald

Ep. 4 Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald is the President of…

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003 - Andy Cohen

Ep. 3 Andy Cohen

Andy is one of two Gensler…

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002 - Carl Muhlstein

Ep. 2 Carl Muhlstein

Carl Muhlstein is International Director in…

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001 - Kevin Shannon

Ep. 1 Kevin Shannon

Kevin Shannon is the President of…

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