Ep. 23 Jim Travers

Jim Travers

Mr. Travers helps CEO's, CFO's and COO's of major U.S. corporations to improve competitive advantage through intelligent real estate strategies. As the initial developer of tenant-only representation, he helps corporate leaders to acquire and retain top talent, and optimize or change office footprint and improve the value of each lease.

As the founder and Chairman of Travers Realty he leads one of the most powerful negotiating teams in California. With his leadership Travers Realty has maintained a strict dedication to tenant representation, and successfully negotiated over $11 billion in real estate transactions since its inception in 1978.

He is frequently called upon by clients, fellow brokers and industry experts for his opinions on complex litigation, lease negotiations, and to provide clarity on intricate industry matters.

Mr. Travers has been a keynote speaker on a multitude of real estate panels, and has been awarded and honored on many real estate occasions, including Outstanding Broker of the Year.