The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that poor indoor environmental quality (IEQ) can affect cognitive functions like problem-solving and decision-making? More than two-thirds of employees said a workplace that supported healthy and safety would encourage them to accept a job offer, or to stay at their current jobs, which can save companies on turnover costs.

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Creating a healthier building environment can attract and retain tenants and employees, reduce turnover costs and help organizations become sustainability leaders in the marketplace.

As building owners and operators, we recognize how important this is which is why Rising enhanced its existing partnership with UL, the global safety science leader, at the onset of the pandemic. This partnership allows us to leverage UL's evaluation and certification program to analyze protocols put in place for building health and safety.

Health and Safety encompasses many elements, but healthy air and water are of extreme importance. Our buildings participate in quarterly air testing to ensure we are providing our tenants with the highest air quality we can achieve by increasing outdoor air flow, using MERV-13 or higher filter grades and regularly changing filters. In addition, our buildings participate in annual and bi-annual legionella and water testing. This way, Rising is assured, as are our tenants, that we are committed to and bringing the highest possible water quality.