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    Rising’s commercial property management service is dedicated and tailored to you

    Rising Realty Partners is a boutique, vertically-integrated real estate investment and management firm serving the San Diego area. Since 2012, we have been providing customized real estate solutions for commercial clients spanning the retail, office, industrial, residential, and medical industries.

    Our extensive industry experience, long-standing relationship with key partners, and commitment to sustainable investment practices sets us apart from other real estate investment and management companies in San Diego. As a full-service firm, we are able to offer a broad range of capabilities in-house, providing an added level of efficiency and control for our clients. From acquisition and investment analysis to construction management and tenant experience optimization, our agile team is skilled in developing strategies that will maximize your commercial investment.

    We take a hands-on approach to each project, allowing clients to be as engaged as they like in the process and proactively communicating risks and concerns so that challenges can be addressed before they escalate. Our goal is to apply market responsive strategies to add value, increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, and improve tenant satisfaction.

    To learn more about our real estate investment and property management services in San Diego, reach out to us today.


      Rising´s Commercial Property Management San Diego will deliver for you an efficient service that will transform and add value to your asset.

      Given the volatility of the rapidly evolving real estate market in California, you want an investment and property management firm with a proven track record and strong relationships with key partners. The Rising Realty Partners team has hundreds of years of combined experience, and San Diego investors and property owners have been relying on us to grow and protect their assets for over a decade.

      We are uniquely positioned to offer customized, value-driven strategies that consider both long-term real estate trends and our clients’ immediate investment goals. Our mission is to help you maximize your real estate investment while balancing the needs of your tenants, investors and partners. We accomplish this through our tested processes, communication, and dedication to client and tenant satisfaction.

      At the heart of our property management strategy is a commitment to building trust and long-term relationships with stakeholders. Attention to detail, frequent communication, and the ability to adapt to evolving industry trends and tenant needs are key to creating lasting partnerships that deliver consistent value over time.


        Rising serves medium- to large-scale property portfolios for property management

        Rising Realty Partners vertically-integrated team is capable of managing complex assets and seamlessly bringing projects from conceptual framework through finalized certificates of occupancy. We currently have more than $1.5 billion and 5 million square feet of assets under management, with a commercial portfolio that includes office, industrial, retail, and data.

        Our property management approach is centered around developing sustainable strategies to improve tenant satisfaction, decreasing environmental impact, streamlining operations, and harnessing the power of technology to protect and increase value.

        Although we have provided property management services for clients from a variety of industries across San Diego and the state of California, we specialize in medium and large-scale commercial property portfolios. Our capabilities include:

        • Tenant Coordination and Relations
        • Budget Management
        • Accounting
        • Project Management
        • Asset Enhancement
        • Technology Consulting
        • Concierge & Programming
        • Energy & Sustainability Consulting

        Let our knowledgeable team oversee the day-to-day operations of your commercial property while you focus on your long-term investment goals. Whether you have recently purchased a commercial property in San Diego, are seeking to invest, or want to improve your current property management experience, Rising Realty can help you maximize value while decreasing operating costs. We pride ourselves on our thorough communication, efficient processes, and dedication to client satisfaction.

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          Why Rising for property management in San Diego?

          Rising Realty Partners has been an established and trusted property management and real estate firm serving San Diego since 2012. Our comprehensive services, customized investment solutions and commitment to sustainability have established us as a leader in the California commercial real estate industry. By providing in-house acquisition, development, and property management, we are able to transform commercial investment properties into highly profitable and sought-after operating assets.

          Sustainability and environmental concerns are a core consideration of our investment and management strategies. We recognize the direct impact we have on our local communities and environment, and strive to limit our footprint while making a positive difference. Our processes include considerations to reduce utility use, limit emissions, and streamline operations in order to both improve efficiency and fulfill our responsibility as global citizens.

          We have strategically built long-term relationships with key partners in the San Diego real estate industry over our 10+ years of active work in the community. Our local partnerships provide invaluable insights into changing market conditions, deal sourcing, and industry trends. We are proud of the relationships we have built with local jurisdictions, brokers, construction firms, historic preservation specialists, vendors, architects, and other stakeholders.

          Community Focus
          Rising Realty Partners strives to make a positive social impact in the communities we serve, from hosting local charity events and blood drives to creating fun and meaningful experiences like food tastings and fitness events. We are actively involved in the San Diego area, and believe that contributing to a healthy and meaningful sense of place is vital to our work.

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            Rising delivers value add management services across San Diego and beyond

            When you work with Rising Realty Partners, you can have peace of mind knowing that your assets are being managed by a local firm that has your long-term investment goals and the good of the community in mind. We understand the San Diego real estate industry inside and out, and our track record shows how successful our tech-forward and sustainability-driven strategies are in improving both tenant satisfaction and property value.

            Whether you’re looking to expand your commercial portfolio through asset acquisition, seeking development services to grow your investment, or in need of a local San Diego property management firm, Rising Realty Partners can develop a customized solution to meet your needs.

            Contact us today to learn more about our services and offerings. Please send property management RFPs directly to [email protected].