Rising Realty Partners Drought Response Initiative

California is currently experiencing a serious drought emergency with LADWP in Phase 3 of water conversation. This has resulted in increased water restrictions, down to twice a week watering limit for local properties. With most local water utilities purchasing water from a single source, drought restrictions are significantly impacting our commercial properties. At Rising Realty Partners, we pride ourselves on being forward thinking and always developing ways to improve our buildings’ water efficiency and processes. As managers of commercial properties, it’s our prerogative to assist with the drought response on a grand scale. With the help of Metropolitan Water District (MWD), we were able to lead the effort to create a property checklist that can be utilized by all property owners and managers for commercial, industrial, manufacturing, multifamily, landscaping and agricultural sectors to ensure that we are addressing as many water saving measures as possible.

In addition to the water efficiency checklist, there are several rebate and incentive programs provided by MWD and LADWP that can assist with the implementation of water efficiency improvements. It’s a win-win! Check out the programs below that can help your property contribute to our water saving efforts:

MWD Water Incentives and Rebate Programs include:
  • Commercial (Indoor)- High efficiency plumbing fixtures, hvac equipment, commercial kitchen and food equipment, medical and dental equipment.
  • Commercial (Outdoor)- Rotating sprinkler nozzles, large rotary nozzles, weather based irrigation controllers- soil moisture sensor systems and centralized computer systems, and in-stem flow regulators for sprays.
  • Commercial (Turf)- Turf replacement program $2 per square foot of turf removed with 50,000 square foot max (per year). Some public agencies allow up to $3 per square foot and 200,000 square foot limit of turf removal per year.
  • Commercial- On-site retrofit program (convert potable irrigation or industrial water systems to be recycled) and water savings incentive program (water efficiency through upgraded equipment and services).
LADWP Water Incentives and Rebate Programs include:
  • Water Conservation Rebate Program – rebates for small items – toilets, irrigation controllers, etc.
  • Water Conservation Technical
  • Assistance Program – rebates for larger water savings projects -cooling tower efficiencies, process upgrades, innovative water efficiency or recycling strategies.
  • Turf Replacement Program – incentives for replacing commercial turf with drought tolerant landscaping

We strive to reduce our water use at all of our properties, even outside of Los Angeles. For additional water-saving ideas please visit: bewaterwise.com

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