Chris Rising & Scott McMullin selected for Best Bosses Team in Commercial Real Estate by


Christopher Rising and Scott McMullin work as complementary leaders who are engaged with their team, remain accessible and lateral, and encourage internal growth. At Rising Realty Partners, the two professionals have built a culture where people connect and an environment where people are excited to come to work. Rising founded the Rising Realty Group in 2003 and as CEO, he manages day-to-day business activities and serves on the firm’s investment committee. He is skilled at managing acquisitions and creative development. As principal and CIO at Rising Realty Partners, McMullin oversees the firm’s capital market needs and serves on its advisory board and investment committee. Prior to joining Rising Realty Partners, McMullin was a founding principal of Suntex Marina Investors and founded other real estate ventures including Stratford Hospitality and Stratford Golf. Both professionals hold more than 20 years of industry experience. As leaders, the pair has created a flat management structure that allows all levels of employees to work alongside them rather than for them. Rising and McMullin are described as supportive, helpful and invested in employees’ career aspirations. The effectiveness of their leadership style is reflected in the firm’s employee retention statistics.

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