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DTLA Leaders Talk Future of City’s Urban Hub at TRD Forum

DTLA Leaders Talk Future of City’s Urban Hub at TRD Forum

Massive mixed-use projects like Metropolis and Angels Landing are helping to transform Downtown Los Angeles, but the neighborhood is still “adolescent at best. It’s not even driving yet,” according to one prominent new development broker.

Tech Investments in Real Estate Transactions that Pay Off

By Marie Ruff with Matt Ahrens | NAIOP

Time is money and businesses can save both by making the best possible use of technology in commercial real estate transactions. At CRE.Converge 2017 in October, Rising Realty Partners Executive Vice President of Acquisitions Matthew Ahrens will moderate a panel examining how investment firms can use technology to optimize real estate transactions from start to finish. In his role with Rising Realty Partners, Ahrens has led the acquisition of 5 million square feet of office investments with a capitalized value of $1.5 billion. In advance of the conference, NAIOP asked Ahrens for his perspective on using technology to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of real estate transactions.

How DTLA Has 'Come Full Circle'

How DTLA Has 'Come Full Circle'

New deals and redevelopment in once-blighted neighborhoods have driven a new renaissance in those areas, as evidenced in Berkshire Group’s announcement earlier this month it bought One Santa Fe in LA's Arts District and Rising Realty's recent purchase of the Title Insurance and Trust building. Such moves are fueling a rebirth of DTLA.

Where Are You Most Productive?

By Matt Ahrens

Think about your favorite store. What do you love about it? Is it visually appealing? Does it give you new ideas? Does it make you feel good? Now think, can you purchase this store’s items online and have them delivered to your home? Probably. The in-store characteristics and online convenience is retail’s way of adapting to the changing demands of the 21st century shopper and they’re doing it right.

Rising Realty Partners Pioneers Difficult Nabes

By Kelsi Maree Borland |

LOS ANGELES—Rising Realty Partners has found success gravitating toward more difficult neighborhoods and properties. The company has been a long proponent of the Downtown Los Angeles market—long before the recent renaissance captured investor’s hearts and dollars. Nelson Rising, Rising Realty’s chairman and CEO, partnered with developer Maguire Thomas to build Liberty Square, which houses the US Bank Tower and Gas Company Tower; while, the company recently cultivated the once downtrodden Pershing Square market with its renovation of the PacMutual Building, which sold this week for $200 million.

“We know the every building down here, and we know the tenant base. Our general investment thesis is that we like submarkets that have been out of favor for a long time, but that have the potential to be a catalyst for change,” Matt Ahrens, SVP of acquisitions and capital markets at Rising Realty, tells in an exclusive interview. “Downtown Los Angeles definitely has that catalyst. First with Staples Center, then with the County’s investment to build out the metro system that all converges in downtown, and, of course the residential development going on down here. The reason why we like submarkets that are out of favor is because they fill up with marginal landlords, and when we come into a market like Downtown Los Angeles, we can build the product that tenants want and we can really out-compete.”

When renovating a property, Rising Realty looks to improve the entire community. With PacMutual, for example, the company built a public park and living wall to enhance the surrounding area. “In 2012, some people looked at Pershing Square as a liability, and I don’t think that people would say that today,” says Ahrens. “You can’t move your building. The effort that you put into improving the area around your building is just as valuable as the building itself. A healthier community is better for your tenants. We are the first LEED Platinum historic building in Southern California, so we are committed to a sustainable building as well. Ultimately, having healthier tenants is better for your bottom line.”

Ahrens notes that it isn’t only the revitalization of the downtown market that has been a major driver for growth in the office sector there, but also the revitalization of the surrounding neighborhoods, like Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Echo Park and Highland Park. Those neighborhoods are easily commutable to the downtown area and are great home bases for employees. “The gentrification of the adjacent neighborhoods is not talked about as often, but all of these neighborhoods are becoming attractive for office workers to live in,” says Ahrens. “It is not easy to get the Westside from Silver Lake; it is easy to get to Downtown Los Angeles from Silver Lake.”

Rising Realty has a portfolio throughout the Los Angeles area. It also serves as a property manager for several of its buildings, and will continue to manage the PacMutual property.