Kayce Hawk

Our Commitment: Green Janitor Program

Our Commitment: Green Janitor Program

By Kayce Hawk

As part of Rising’s environmental impact strategy and commitment, our DTLA portfolio participated in the Green Janitor Education Program, a statewide program developed by Building Skills Partnership to reduce the carbon footprint of green commercial buildings. The program addresses the operations and maintenance practices of certified green buildings, specifically the energy management and green cleaning practices in commercial buildings, by providing vocational training for janitorial staff.

Customer Satisfaction & The Rising Experience

The New Year typically brings many resolutions, many focused on “doing better at ______.” This is a natural time to discuss a primary goal of many enterprises: providing better customer service. Whatever you call it: satisfaction, experience, support, you know it when you experience it. Most strive to provide it, and everyone appreciates it when they receive it.

Rising on Property Management

Here at Rising, we believe that property management truly is a customer service business. Everybody from the tenant services coordinator to the President of the company shares the same ethos - the tenant is our #1 customer. - Marc Gittleman, SVP Third Party Management