Our Commitment: Green Janitor Program


As part of Rising’s environmental impact strategy and commitment, our DTLA portfolio participated in the Green Janitor Education Program, a statewide program developed by Building Skills Partnership to reduce the carbon footprint of green commercial buildings. The program addresses the operations and maintenance practices of certified green buildings, specifically the energy management and green cleaning practices in commercial buildings, by providing vocational training for janitorial staff.

Janitors are at the forefront of building operations and maintenance. Our investment in this program is an investment in both our environment and our people. The Green Janitor Education Program’s curriculum includes 30 hours of instruction and covers topics like energy efficiency, recycling, waste management, water conservation, and sustainable cleaning practices. Students are required to take midterm and final exams administered by the US Green Building Council, which count toward the building’s LEED certification.

In commercial real estate, even the smallest changes can have a large impact. For example, by incorporating energy management, buildings can reduce energy demand by 5 to 30 percent. Not only do these types of efforts add value to our properties by decreasing consumption and consequently increasing our savings, but it also improves the quality of our office environments. In turn, we are able to contribute to the overall health and wellness of our tenants.

Not only is it our priority to provide a clean and safe environment, we also strive to support the professional development of our staff. Supporting their professional development helps our team improve, lowers staff turnover, and contributes to the overall customer service and tenant experience; all of which affects the bottom line in a positive way. Furthermore, many of our janitorial staff bring the green practices learned in the program into their homes, contributing to an even larger effort to protect the environment.

We are proud to say that all of our DTLA portfolio’s janitorial staff will graduate from the Green Janitor Program before the end of 2018. We look forward to the positive impact our collective efforts will have on our overall carbon footprint.