Allen Matkins’ View from the Top Insights: Videos

Connect Media attended Allen Matkins’ 2017 View from the Top real estate conference in Beverly Hills. We asked CRE market leaders to share their insights about what to expect in 2018. Watch today’s video to hear what Kilroy Realty’s John Kilroy, Rising’s Christopher Rising, Allen Matkins’ Tony Natsis and NKF’s Kevin Shannon think about what’s on CRE’s horizon. Yesterday, our video was on the market’s biggest trends and deals.

Transforming Catalina Landing

Transforming Catalina Landing

You may remember Catalina Landing as your departure point on Catalina Express. Catalina Landing is a waterfront 4-building campus totaling 280,000 sq. ft. located at 320-340 Golden Shore in Long Beach, CA. The project unfortunately went through a period under prior ownership where the aesthetics were allowed to deteriorate.

Rising on Development: 433 S. Spring St. Episode 02: Meet the Construction Manager

In Episode 02 of Rising on Development: 433 S. Spring, we meet the Construction Manager, Sam Lira, who brings us up to speed with the latest updates on our project and describes some of the key challenges he and the team are facing with this property. With over 30 years of experience in buildings, Sam will share his background in architecture and construction and give you the inside scoop on how he plans to balance preservation of the historic building with getting the site up to safety standards. 

Rising on Development: 433 S. Spring St. Episode 01

After acquiring 433 S. Spring St. in Downtown Los Angeles in June 2016, Rising Realty Partners is bringing you along as we redevelop the historic office property. From construction and sustainability feats to leasing and design decisions, you'll get to see what it takes to completely redevelop a property from a number of professional perspectives. Join us throughout the process as we prepare this historic building for tenant use by June 2018.