5 Ways We Invest In Health & Wellness

By Chris Rising

At Rising, we believe that office space is a place to creatively solve problems and a place that supports a team. This also makes it a prime opportunity to integrate health and wellness. We offer amenities in our buildings that make health and wellness accessible to our tenants and by doing so, we are also investing in their long term health and productivity. Healthy employees means fewer sick days used, which ultimately has a positive effect on a company’s success. Here are a few ways that Rising adds value to our tenants and investors.

On-site gyms
Most people will find any reason to skip a workout. It is just too easy when you are tired from a long day at work or have a long commute ahead. But when the gym is located in the same building as your office, it becomes much easier to adhere to a regular workout routine. It also encourages tenants to take regular breaks and blow off steam throughout the work day. For every property we look to acquire, we underwrite the cost to build out a gym facility where tenants can get a workout in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Access to meditation and mental health resources
Data shows that meditation reduces stress levels, helps regulate bodily functions and cortisol levels, and increases overall productivity. As meditation becomes a more mainstream practice, developers can stay ahead of the curve by offering quiet space for tenants to meditate during the work day. The same holds true for counseling services and therapy. These services could be housed at the building’s gym or arranged through property management.

Monitor indoor air and water quality
Providing a clean and healthy indoor environment is a priority for us at Rising. That’s why we implement a variety of measures to monitor the indoor air and water quality of all of our buildings. We have permanently installed devices that measure air quality, as well as use third-party testing. To maintain water quality, we have filters and systems installed to eradicate known contaminants, and also conduct periodic testing with an outside laboratory.

Healthy food options
The food options in our buildings are carefully curated to offer tenants plenty of healthy dining options. Sweetgreen opened its first downtown location last month at The CalEdison. The Park DTLA has healthy vending machines that offer snacks like almonds and flavored water in lieu of candy bars and soda typically found in vending machines. We look forward to providing more and more options throughout all of our properties.

Proactive property management
Rising’s property management has a more proactive approach than you might find in other commercial office buildings. Our property managers actively reach out to tenants, coordinate health and wellness activities, and organize events for social or environmental causes. Past efforts have included activities like group yoga and a day when everyone to take the stairs instead of the elevator to encourage movement.

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