5 Low-Cost Solutions to Improve Your Building Morale

While it may seem that in recent years, every building lobby has transformed in the way they look, feel, and operate, we have observed that this is simply not the case. Many properties are behind the times in their approach to management, especially with regard to the lobby. Whether it’s poor lighting, unfriendly staff, or an overall stuffy experience, this lack of care in management for what is often a visitor's or potential tenant’s first impression not only leads to a poor user experience, but an overall decrease in property value. 

In light of this, we have identified 5 low-cost solutions to improve a building’s overall experience and value: 

Play Music in the Lobby

Studies have shown that music can have positive influences on the brain, including decreased anxiety (depending on the genre), and better mental performance. Considering these positive effects, it behooves any property manager to pay close attention to the choice of music played in a building lobby, as it has the potential to improve the overall mood and morale of the people spending time there. This simple adjustment can make a vast difference in a building’s atmosphere and the way in which it is perceived.

Provide Outdoor Seating

While we understand that not all buildings are equipped for this, but we advise that if it is, to invest in making it a pleasant place for tenants and their guests to enjoy. Countless scientific studies tout the benefits of ‘getting outside’, and we all know how good it is for our health. However, it can prove difficult to find sufficient time to spend outdoors, especially during the workweek. Offering a comfortable outdoor work or leisure space for tenants can help boost their hours logged outside, often while getting work done as well. If you do not have the option of providing an outdoor seating area, however, you may consider ways in which you can provide an enjoyable seating arrangement inside of the lobby. This improves the value of your property, not only by providing a space for your tenants to enjoy outside of their office, but it is also a positive way to attract and retain future potential tenants.

Customer Service Program

Having a property management team that doubles as a customer service program has proven time and again to improve our tenants’ experience in our buildings. Creating a feeling of familiarity with our tenants, and being the go-to team for any needs they may have, not only streamlines the process of solving matters, but it further fosters a feeling of trust and security in their building’s management. Striving to make a tenant’s experience as easy and enjoyable as possible is our goal, and it makes a clear difference. 

Provide Quality Common Area Wi-Fi

This investment is one of our tried and true methods of adding value to the buildings we manage. Common-area Wifi not only increases foot traffic within a building’s premises, it also creates a sense of community that would otherwise not be able to flourish. So much of our present world is virtual, and facilitating a space where tenants and community members are able to enjoy free (and fast) Wifi gives everyone an opportunity to surf the web and collaborate whenever needed. We solved this through 5x5 Telecom, which allows us to have the fastest free public Wifi in the world.

Hold Quarterly Tenant Meetings

One of the jobs of Rising property managers is to conduct quarterly tenant meetings. By doing this on a regular basis, we are able to keep close communication with tenants on what they like, what they would like to see more of, and ways in which our property management can improve. This personal approach ensures the tenants feel tended to, and also acts as a proactive approach to addressing any building-related issues.

To learn more about Rising’s 3rd party property management, contact marc.gittleman@risingrp.com