Glimpses into the Future of Workplace Culture with Chris Rising

There's no doubt about it - big changes are coming.

New technologies like artificial intelligence and automation will fundamentally alter the way we work. But what will that look like, and how should companies adapt?

This week on the show co-host Sean Spear interviews Chris Rising, the Founder and President of Rising Realty. Chris is a 19-year veteran of the real estate business, and someone who’s always been ahead of the curve in terms of building spaces that support how the most innovative companies work.

We loved this conversation because it brought together so many of the big ideas that we care about on this show - everything from office space and its relationship to culture, to personal habits and productivity, to the big technological changes poised to transform our economy and the workplace.

Sean met with Chris at Rising’s dramatic HQ in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. In this episode, Chris dives into his personal journey - including the lessons learned from his Jesuit education and his experience as a college football standout at Duke University - shares his daily habits, and explains why he thinks offices aren’t going away anytime soon.

This one runs a littler longer than most, but be sure to listen to the end to hear a challenge that should have a big impact on your energy and performance.

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