Where Are You Most Productive?

By Matt Ahrens

Think about your favorite store. What do you love about it? Is it visually appealing? Does it give you new ideas? Does it make you feel good? Now think, can you purchase this store’s items online and have them delivered to your home? Probably. The in-store characteristics and online convenience is retail’s way of adapting to the changing demands of the 21st century shopper and they’re doing it right.

Whether you like to physically shop in your favorite store or shop online, the bottom line is that you have a choice. Shoppers don’t have to go to the store to pick something up but sometimes they like the convenience of not having to leave their home to do so.The millennial generation, the largest population in the US workforce this year, is bringing this mindset to the workplace. This new generation of workers now demands the option to work remotely or work in an office that feels less like a stale, traditional office, and more like a home. Advancing technology has been able to make this concept a reality.

Most of the new generation has dropped the old mindset that work is work and you shouldn’t have any expectation other than getting through it to provide for your family. Although that may continue to exist, there’s a better way of going about it and that is through beautifully designed spaces that foster human interaction, intuition, and creativity.

Take a moment to consider where you are right now. Scan the room and be observant. What’s around you? Who’s around you? Wherever you’re currently being in the real world, decide – is it an exceptional place that you enjoy spending time in? It should be.

Rising headquarters has experienced something special over the last 18 months. Since moving to our new offices in March of 2014 with a space design that feels more like a home rather than a traditional office, everyone’s been a bit more productive, happy, and inspired. With the ability to practice remote work, we have found a balance between utilizing our cutting edge space and forgoing it on days that require solitude.

Most work-day “work” can be done on a smart phone or a laptop. Instead of sitting in traffic for an hour both ways to sit at a desk during a day with no meetings, you can walk to your favorite coffee shop, put your headphones in, and get into your Asana-zone. Understanding when office use is necessary and when it isn’t has encouraged and convenienced our employees to efficiently optimize their work hours.

Don’t get us wrong though: office space is still essential but it should be optimized to make the work that needs to occur in the office more efficient and delightful for your employees and your clients.

Is your office space just a place where people have to go every day or has it been optimized for the realities of working today?