Less is More

By Marc Gittleman

Less is more.

Da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”. Enzo Ferrari said, “add lightness.”

Neither of these have anything to do with real estate ownership, management and development….or do they? One of my goals is to drive value in commercial real estate. In aid of my goal, I strive to provide a workplace where less gets in the way of getting work done. In some cases, adding an amenity can simplify a process, removing anything that interferes with collaboration. The direct result is higher tenant satisfaction and greater value for ownership.

The tech-centric culture continues to change the workplace as we progress with the millennial generation. At Rising, no one is confined to a tiny cubicle; we do not have private offices. Our family photos are proudly shared as screensavers on 70” conferencing screens throughout the office. Connectivity amenities expanded tenant’s Connected Square Footage past their doors and into PacMutual’s historic lobby, courtyards, and Pershing Square. Productivity is not limited merely to the size of our suite.

My office is two city blocks.

Rising moved into our new lifestyle-office in March 2014. The space is used more productively than I envisioned. The #1 design rule we stuck to was every square foot is an effective meeting space, allowing for conversation and collaboration everywhere. Whether you’re in our kitchen where the construction team typically meets to spread out plans, in the private-conversation chairs, or in our living room with 70” displays, AirPlay and remote presentation is everywhere.

As Rising grows, the need to expand our space will become necessary. Small meet-up rooms for 2-4 people are the first my list.

We have gained expertise in designing and providing the new way of working, cutting costs and providing the essentials. As 21st century developers, Rising is creating value in underutilized and underperforming assets, promoting a mobile work lifestyle where innovation and creativity thrive and are rewarded.

I am thrilled to see how simplicity further advances productivity while providing a strong return for our tenants, partners and investors.

Less is in fact more.