Q&A with Rising's General Manager - Kira Perez

Get an inside look at the day-to-day operations of one of Rising's General Manager's, Kira Perez in this Q&A. 

1. What is the most interesting part about being a property manager for Rising, compared to another company?

I think the most interesting part of being a property manager for Rising is the fact that everyone on the Rising team comes from a variety of different backgrounds and specialties, from industrial development to residential property management. With that expertise, you build a strong team that can handle any challenge(s). Place this diversity in an open office setting, and it allows for collaboration and a true essence of team within the individual departments throughout the organization.


2. Explain some of your day-to-day tasks.

Every day in property management is different. You are constantly faced with carrying challenges and deadlines. As a property manager, your main responsibility is to operate the building, while maintaining tenant and owner satisfaction.

A typical day in the life of a property manager would consist of:

  • tenant meetings
  • construction meetings
  • reporting deadlines
  • maintenance issue(s)/ emergency maintenance issue(s)
  • rent collections
  • payable processing
  • property walk
  • contract management
  • property accounting reporting  


3. What do you like most about your job? What do you dislike most about your job?

What I enjoy most about my job is the fact that no two days are alike. Being a property manager means you have to constantly be problem solving and juggling your list of things to do. There is never a dull moment when I am working which I find fresh and exciting. I have been working in the property management world for over a decade and truly enjoy coming to work every day.

But, as with any job, I deal with my fair share of challenges. Despite my best efforts,  many things can happen at the property all at once especially in afterhours emergency situations. Managing early morning fire alarms and late night water leaks is definitely a hurdle and can sometimes make it difficult to maintain the team's positive energy in the moment. However, I think those difficult situations help to build a cohesive team.  


4. How does the role of expansion of ownership in a company like Rising affect you as a property manager?

There are always going to be challenges when a company expands their ownership, especially a real estate company. However, the ability to learn and take on projects that a property manager wouldn’t normally encounter has been very exciting for me. Rising allows their employees every opportunity to learn, cross train with different departments, and most importantly, Rising pushes their employees to always do better.


5. Everyone knows that property management is demanding of a rather timely response time. How do you maintain a level of professionalism and respond to everyone’s needs when your responsibilities expand with each acquisition?

Time management and organization is a large component to maintaining your ability to respond to the needs of your company and tenants. Everyone at Rising holds themselves to a high level of respect and professionalism towards one another. We have communication protocols for every issue in the company - whether it’s through Asana, SCRUM, or a traditional email, we strive to stay on top of every task. It’s incredible the work you can accomplish with a team that fully has your back.


6. When do you know you’ve hit your limit when it comes to managing too many properties?

I don’t think you can really ever hit your “limit” in property management if you have a strong team to help out. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed with requests or month-end accounting, there’s always someone who can lend a helping hand at Rising. Real estate is constantly changing and we as property managers need to grow with those changes. I am always learning new and creative ways to do my job.


7. What is the number one thing people look for in a property manager? How do you satisfy this?

I believe the number one quality people want in a property manager is to have a great attitude and be extremely responsive to every request or concern.


8. How do you stay up to date with the latest technology and regular updates?

I currently serve on two BOMA committees, Security & Emergency Preparedness as well as the Codes & Regulations. Being a part of these committees allows me to network with other property managers and stay up to date on new practices in the industry.


9. How do you maintain successful relationships with your tenants?

I stick to the “Golden Rule” on this one, I treat others as I would like to be treated myself. I always maintain an open door policy allowing for open communication with my tenants. I also encourage feedback on things we are doing at the property such as tenant events, etc. This creates a feeling of community at each property where the tenant and the landlord work together to inspire ideas and changes at the property.